Why get a business email address?

When you send business email, you need to signal commitment as well as authenticity.
And you let yourself down badly if you make the first approach with an email address that you use for your personal correspondence to friends, family and associatesRead more


Don’t get free email from your domain host

Free now. Pay later.

It’s tempting to get an email address from the same company that provides your domain hosting. Don’t.

The problem is that each mailbox has a low limit – 2, 5 or 10 GB. And in today’s image and video rich world, those limits are quickly reached.

You end up having to pay more and more each year. As you renew, you’ll find your bills creeping up, ever so slowly.

This is what happens. Let’s say there are 5 users in your small business. Once each of you reaches the limit, you end up paying as much for email as you do for hosting. And if you have set your account to auto-renew, the money is swiped from your credit card.

Your domain company does a fine job of hosting your site. Email is probably outsourced, since it is not a core activity.

The bigger problem arises if you want to transfer your hosting package. Good luck moving 100-150 GB of messages to another hosting provider. It’s worse than moving house because you can’t call some movers over to get it done for you!

So, what should you do? Keep the two separate. If you want the hassle of getting an email server set up and all the attendant problems of keeping it going, that’s a low-cost option. But if it goes down, you’ll need expensive help to get it back up.

The other one you could consider, especially if you have a small business where you send out only a few emails every day is a Swiss Email company that has a different business model. They charge by the number of emails you send every day. And plans start at $4 a month.

You may receive tens of email every day. But, chances are, you send out only 8-10 emails on a daily basis. The other advantage is no charge for unlimited storage or the number of domains you manage on the site.

Bottomline: Get email wise. And don’t fall for Free because it is expensive in the long run


Cheaper email

Email. Why pay per user?

 Isn’t that standard practice? The way the industry works?

The option is to set up email with your friendly local provider because that is sure to be cheap. But again, the local provider may or may not have enough resources to devote to keep the service up and running all the time.

Plus, if you ever decide you want to move away because the costs creep up over time, or if there are strange technical issues which have not found satisfactory solutions or if the service really slows down because your mailbox got huge, you’ll have a hard-to-solve problem

Techies who discuss the merits of POP vs IMAP may not ever need this. But for the small business which needs a few tens or a few hundreds of users without having to worry whether they have made the right choice, there is a sensible option

And there’s that worry in the background about storage limits. Exceed your allowed GB and you’ll have to pay the yearly tax, sorry, subscription. Or decide that one stack of old emails just have to disappear. Even if it contained something important, who has the time to check?

Migadu is a Swiss company focusing only on email. You pay $4 a month for unlimited storage and users. So, if you’re a small business with tens or hundreds of users, you don’t need to pay more. Yes, there is a catch. You can only send up to 100 emails a day, on the lowest price plan. You can upgrade to a $13.50 per month if you send out more than 500 emails a day and if you’re a heavy user you pay $49.50 per month for 2000 emails a day.

Of course, you’re welcome to Gmail and Zoho. Or AOL. Or Yahoo. But why pay more for email than you should?