Ferrari’s Instagram clash

It seemed like another image on an Instagram feed. But it had been carefully cropped for a brand aspiring to reach another level in the marketing journey. Charges and counter charges flew

Talking Infographics

Infographics have the power to communicate concepts better than words can. They can be used to explain abstract concepts, simplify technical processes and break dense information into comprehensible pieces

The launch of a new apple

Both fit into the palm of the hand. One of them is millions of years old while the other is of more recent vintage. What does it take to create a brand from what is seen as a commodity?

Will Quibi be Queen bee?

Video content for the mobile is the hottest emerging area of growth. There is user-generated content and video which is being curated and produced. Quibi wants to be the leader of the pack by assembling a star studded line up of producers and creators

Indian brands using chatbots

Chatbots are a fairly recent development, the result of all the hype around machine learning and AI. But what is the picture on the ground? How are brands using chatbots to drive different aspects of their business?