The Video OTT brand wars in India

In a few years, the streaming video market in India has grown at breakneck speed. Channels are being launched and content is being generated at a rate faster than rabbits reproduce. There are confusing but exciting times ahead in India’s OTT market

India reinvents the digital newspaper

Newspapers haven’t really adapted as much as been forced into the digital era. Their existing models have been upended and they have had their brand identities dissolve into social media streams. But one newspaper is bucking the trend

Ferrari’s Instagram clash

It seemed like another image on an Instagram feed. But it had been carefully cropped for a brand aspiring to reach another level in the marketing journey. Charges and counter charges flew

Talking Infographics

Infographics have the power to communicate concepts better than words can. They can be used to explain abstract concepts, simplify technical processes and break dense information into comprehensible pieces