The Smile model

All it requires is an upward movement of the lips. That’s what we are aware of anyway. Until animation artists tried to replicate the smile, it became painfully apparent that turning simple manipulations of the lips into smiles instead of grimaces was high art. The problem is that we are finely attuned to human emotion. We don’t …

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Launch without fanfare

It’s great business for the big hotels. Or for exhibitions where the product is unveiled with much fanfare. At CES this year alone over 100 tablets were launched, apart from the big ticket 3D televisions and other electronic gadgetry. Launches are glitzy, expensive affairs with a lot going into the planning and execution of the event. How many of …

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Addicted to Ease

We’re getting addicted to ease. Less work, more convenience, fatter paychecks, endless vacations. We’re not just celebrating the people who are successful, we’re making heroes of those who made it with ease.  Answer 15 questions and you can become a millionaire. Children obsessed with gaming find studying difficult? The solution is to make learning fun. Timothy Feriss …

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Hacking Trust networks

Hackers tap into every human emotion, apart from deficiencies in technology. They prey on human vulnerabilities, using charm, fear, and misinformation. Essentially, they hack trust

Ugly is beautiful

Prepare for some truly surprising findings from a dating site OK Cupid – The more men disagree about a woman’s looks, the more they end up liking her Guys tend to ignore girls who are merely cute Having some men think she’s ugly actually works in the woman’s favour What’s going on here? Beauty alone is not …

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Carrying your Maharaj

Does your cook travel with you when you roam the world? For an increasing number of affluent Indians, the way to travel is to eat vegetarian Indian food prepared fresh by their own ‘Maharaj’ – Indian chefs, who take over sections of the kitchen in the restaurants. Apparently, this is a fad mainly with Indians and the …

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Charlie Bit Me

If you haven’t come across the ‘Charlie bit me‘ clip on YouTube, you’re in a minority. 272 million views and counting. Marketers would have multiple ecstasy moments if their brand ever managed such viewership. So what’s the clip? Charlie bites his elder sibling’s finger and chuckles. That’s it, you would say? It’s the expressions and …

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