Why get a business email address?

It makes you authentic

Think of a business inquiry you received. If it came from a common personal email address, you may have discarded it without a second thought.

You have to signal commitment. And that begins by setting your business apart with a name. In the real world, if you were setting up a pastry shop would you call it ‘Another Pastry Outlet’?

The same rule applies online. Think of a name that works for your business. Register a domain. And get yourself an email address. Not from the domain host, even if it is free. Why? I’ve explained this in detail here.

Back to the subject of business email. Keep your personal and professional correspondence apart. Sure, you can get a professional email from one of the big names. Like Google, Zoho and lots of others.

But if you have to pay per user over time, the costs add up. What if there was an alternative? Here’s one with a plan meant for small businesses. Starting off at $4 per month for unlimited users. And unlimited storage.

What is tracked is the number of emails sent out every day from your business. And you will find that even for a business that receives 10’s of emails every day, the number of emails sent out is in single digits

Don’t be anonymous. Show commitment. And show that you mean business when you send out an email. It’s the first step to creating a viable business.

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