Keyboarding got a lot more interesting

Sonder introduces the keyboard with virtual, not printed keys
Sonder introduces the keyboard with virtual, not printed keys

Keyboards are like coasters. Useful but boring. Until some guys saw potential there.

Your current choice is between wired and wireless. Or back lit.

You might even have a fetish for the right kind of feedback from the keys. And that’s where it usually stops.

What if your keyboard was virtual? Meaning the displays on the buttons could change according to what you do.

The buttons display not just letters of the alphabet but graphics. Or emojis. or characters 

Instead of hitting Shift for typing capital letters and configuring hotkeys, you could do more. Much more.

Sonder Design has taken #eink, the technology behind the #Kindle and applied it to keyboards.

So, you get a real keyboard with the option to change 50 keys according to whatever you fancy.

Languages, graphics, app specific layouts can all be managed on the fly. So the #UX becomes far more flexible – and like Apple changed the smart watch, Sonder imagined the possibilities for the keyboard.

There’s a downside, though. It costs $200 for the privilege.

But this looks like the future of keyboards. Especially when the major laptop manufacturers make it standard.

Now that it has been done, you wonder why it took Sonder. Ah, couldn’t resist 🙂

Does this make sense? Or do you think its pricing has no bearing on reality?