Design Teachers who inspire

Seth Godin pointed me to BA Magazine( Before & After) helmed by a quiet, introspective designer called John McWade. It concentrates on the nuances – something that evolves only after years of experience. In the primary years, most designers are too busy looking different, wanting to blaze a new trail, try out colours and typefaces that leap out and strangle the viewer or reader. They design for themselves, not the person who needs to be communicated to.

Then, there is a period of floating through the mist of designer edginess before the realisation hits home. Classics stand the test of time. They don’t look jaded just because a few centuries have passed. Books have easy to read typefaces because they are full of words. Magazines have huge pictures alternating with words. Newspapers have words and pictures packed densely into columns and spaces. To combine movies and words, a different grammar evolved. And web pages now integrate text, pictures, audio, and video. The best ones do them well. But most people go through life without ever having realised that several talented people have grappled with it. Not that they ever need to. If designers have done their job, they will not have any problem in flitting seamlessly between media

It’s people like McWade who bring out the magic. Just spend five minutes on this video. Like Steve Jobs, it may open a window in your mind.