2011 Another Day. Another Year

Gyrating wildly but completely out of synch with the music were several frenzied partygoers. It didn’t matter because, in the haze of created smoke and laser lights, everyone was having a ball. It was a funny experience raising lighted candles and singing ‘auld lang syne‘ with strangers, just before the countdown clock kicked in. A familiar tune but an unfamiliar song. And coming as it did after the current anthems ‘Sheila Ki Jawaani‘ and ‘Munni Badnaam Hui‘, it took on a dreamy ballad atmosphere more conducive to reunions rather than the passing of a year.

The streets were quiet on the way back home. The policing has been effective with unruly elements reined in. There were the occasional shouts and drunk greeting but nothing to upset the tone and tenor of the recently born year. When we lived next to the beach, it was irritating with drunken elements using greetings as an excuse to paw women – putting us permanently out of favour of going out on New Year’s eve. There’s nothing to dampen the new year spirit as the alcoholic breath and the slurred salutation.

It’s been a big year. There are enough New Year lists on other sites for me to add any of my own, including the top ad campaigns of the year. Does it really make sense to have the best of, the most powerful and the most influential lists? Apart from helping to sell magazines and make for idle cocktail chatter, these are laughable, especially when viewed a few years later. Today’s movers and shakers are tomorrow’s loners and losers.

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