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Brands are fluid. They must constantly transform, evolve and redefine themselves. As their brand partner, we have helped our clients find relevant solutions and interpreted in the language of the customers to drive interactions and engagement.

The client - Project Management Institute (PMI) is an organization that offers globally recognized standards, certifications, resources and tools. The challenge - PMI India had a unique problem. They had fantastic content assets in the form of videos. But these were not gaining much traction because they were very long (45 mins - 1 hour) and therefore not holding the a ention of their intended audience. The solution - we created multiple byte sized videos (2 to 3 minute duration) out of each individual video. Creating a vast bank of crisp, interesting and easily consumable videos. These video nuggets garnered hundreds of views and also served to increase footfall on all of PMI India's virtual assets.

The challenge - Project Management National Conference - an annual event held by PMI India. A ended by 1000+ delegates, it is the client’s most prestigious event. Each event was held at a different venue and hosted by a different chapter of PMI India. Managing chapter dynamics, venue specifications, and creating a wow factor despite budget limitations. 2010... 2021... HOSTED BY PMI Pearl City Chapter ADAPT. TRANSFORM. ACCELERATE. MADE POSSIBLE BY A PROJECT MANAGER PROJECT MANAGEMENT NATIONAL CONFERENCE, INDIA 2019 The solution - We handled the event 10 years on the trot. As the event grew in stature so did our ideas. From creating snazzy photo ops to digital and animated backdrops we did it all. Our venue and event collaterals became an integral part of the delegate experience at the conference and was much appreciated by the client – year a er year. A montage of emailers and sponsorship brochures done for conferences over the years.

A montage of digital and virtual event backdrops done for conference over the years.

A montage social media creatives done for various conferences over the years.

The client - CADD Centre is Asia's biggest network of skill training provider in Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) The challenge - They ran an annual contest for Engineers called Imagineer which challenged potential engineers to come up with innovative design solutions. The client was finding it hard to garner interest and entries for this competition. The solution - We created an innovative social media campaign - asking students to upload their designs on their social media pages and encouraging likes. This generated more interest in the contest and from 300+ entries in the previous years the number of entires shot up to 3000 the year we started the campaign and close to 6000 the following year. The contest has grown from strength to strength since then.

The client - Randstad India, a part of Dutch based Randstad Holding, is a global leader in the HR services industry The challenge - Randstad employer brand research is conducted in over 34 markets worldwide. India is one of the key markets. Their research yields a lot of in-depth data and analysis. The challenge was to translate this data into simple, easily understandable content for their end-consumers. The solution - REBR Report was designed where we created intelligent infographs that represented all the complex data in a pictorial and easy to consume format. Each report had hundreds of large and small infographs to explain the data points.

The challenge - True North an annual leadership meet held by Randstad India. Every year True North has a new theme based on the planned leadership goals for the following year. We had to ensure that the design identity was fresh and exciting each year as the leadership team a ending the event was almost always the same. The solution - Each year we arrived at a unique theme and represented it across every piece of communication created – from paper cups to hotel key cards, from emailers to yammer posts, from tshirts to event backdrops, from games to giveaways, from photo ops to the theme video. your ind

A montage of the range of creatives including backdrops, emailers and other collarterals done during a year.

10:45/ 65:00 10:45/ 65:00 10:45/ 65:00 10:45/ 65:00 10:45/ 65:00 The client - Ntrust - With presence in over 106 countries, NTrust is the global industry leader specializing in real estate lease administration solutions. The challenge - NTrust was not gaining traction at campus interviews, simply because students and even faculty were unable to understand what they were into. The solution - An explainer video that spells out the company’s activities in a very simple and lucid manner. A er playing this video at prospective colleges, client witnessed measurable improvement in the number of students a ending their campus interviews. 10:45/ 65:00

The client - KONE Elevator India, a subsidiary of KONE, a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry The solution - WhatsApp communication. We created a series of succinct and visually interesting communication that was sent out to KONE customers via WhatsApp. This was an immensely successful campaign leading to a lot of interest in their Health and Wellness offerings. The challenge - When the pandemic hit India in March 2020, there was a growing fear of touching elevator surfaces. To mitigate this fear, KONE came up with Health and Wellness offerings – which were essentially sanitization solutions. Sending out emails did not get much traction, and since it was not possible for their sales team to meet their customers in person, KONE was looking for an innovative way to communicate with their customers.

The client - Medall Healthcare Private Limited – a leading diagnostic company based in Chennai. The solution - In order to bring a ention to this very unique reporting system – we created a Health Score device – akin to a speedometer this device had a Green, Amber and Red section with a needle resting on a section based on the health score. This device was used extensively to generate interest in SASH – particularly when holding health camps at apartment complexes and public spaces like beach and parks. It generated curiosity and led to a lot of customer walk ins. The challenge - The client had come up with a comprehensive health screening package called SASH (Stay Aware Stay Healthy). It is a comprehensive test covering 57 health parameters. The highlight of this package was the test report which was presented in a very interesting manner – using Green, Amber and Red columns to convey the status of each organ function.

The client - BlueOshan - a certified (DIAMOND) HubSpot Partner. Offering digital marketing services that leverage HubSpot's time-tested and popular Inbound methodology The solution - Bring Blueoshan's strengths to the fore and deepen content in the areas where the company was equipped to deliver. As opposed to digital marketing companies which were good at running campaigns, Blueoshan's strengths in constructing marketing channels and multiple workflows, automation and lead management formed the bulk of content on the site. Ideascape is working to strengthen the inbound marketing program in line with future requirements. The challenge - Blueoshan had grown into a Diamond Partner handling complex technical requirements for clients worldwide. This had to be reflected in the design as well as the evolution into a higher orbit with the ability to be a bridge between marketing and implementation of digital strategy. h ps://

The client - ADP offers industry-leading online payroll and HR solutions, plus tax, compliance, benefit administration and more. The challenge - Most marketing collateral gets discarded with just a few glances, unless it provides information relevant to the customer. ADPs customers were HR and Payroll personnel for whom the labour laws in India were complex to navigate. Based on this insight, we had to create the communication. The solution - We designed 'The Book of 'C' - which was about Compliance and the client's expert team provided all the relevant information references from the communiques, amendments and implications for companies. It would be handed out as a ready reference for all HR and Payroll professionals. The range of ADPs services were listed in the last 8 pages. Since the information was crucial to customers, they kept the copies on their desk right through the year. Fulfilling the client's objective of a marketing collateral which would not be discarded and act as a constant reminder. h ps://