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  1. Armchair Expertise

    Category: Matching tags: problem solving,armchair experts,change,commentary,media

    It's the most widely available in the world. And completely useless, at least in solving the issues at hand. You see armchair experts everywhere. Lounging in street cafes holding animated conversations. ...
    Tuesday, 25 September 2012
  2. Bread, Butter and the Media

    Category: Matching tags: bread,butter,media,communication,advertising,design,distraction

    ... of loaves and slices mount, it becomes one of the hardest jobs to do. Which is the story of how media companies became the force they are in today's advertising environment. We've gone from a few loaves ...
    Wednesday, 05 September 2012
  3. Happily Ever After

    Category: Matching tags: Happily Ever After,communication,boredom,conversations,media

    Its the fairy tale ending - the bookend to the phrase 'Once Upon a Time...' that signifies the starting of a story. The beginning that promises interesting times ahead. One used to yearn to know what ...
    Tuesday, 07 August 2012
  4. Does advertising corrupt?

    Category: Matching tags: luxury,corruption,advertising,media,communication,Anna Hazare

    ... modelled on the lifestyles of the rich and famous, Anna Hazare stands for everything that contradicts it. What he says has found the resonance that multi-million dollar media or social campaigns could ...
    Thursday, 25 August 2011
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