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  1. Obama's Election and The Syrian Civil War

    Category: Matching tags: US Election,Romney,Obama,Social Media,communication,branding,Syria civil war

    We're accelerating faster than we know it. Technology is uncovering the genetic code and just as quickly, someone tries to manipulate it to create a virus. As we get better at using and deploying technology, ...
    Monday, 19 November 2012
  2. Bread, Butter and the Media

    Category: Matching tags: bread,butter,media,communication,advertising,design,distraction

    ... movies and serials on screens that start from 5 inch handhelds and go all the way to a giant 55 inches. Designing communication that effortlessly straddles this entire spectrum is a huge task. We're in ...
    Wednesday, 05 September 2012
  3. Happily Ever After

    Category: Matching tags: Happily Ever After,communication,boredom,conversations,media

    Its the fairy tale ending - the bookend to the phrase 'Once Upon a Time...' that signifies the starting of a story. The beginning that promises interesting times ahead. One used to yearn to know what ...
    Tuesday, 07 August 2012
  4. What does 'please' mean?

    Category: Matching tags: thesaurus,dictionary,ambiguity,confusion,communication,disambiguation

    ... we seem to understand this universally without the need for an actual language. Otherwise, communication would be impossible.  ...
    Sunday, 13 May 2012
  5. The internet in 60 seconds

    Category: Matching tags: internet 60 seconds,email,video,Facebook,YouTube,LinkedIn,Twitter,communication,blogs

    There's nothing happening around you, except for the ordinary buzz of everyday life. People walk, cars drive past, the wind rustles through the trees and somewhere in the distance, a phone rings. Now ...
    Monday, 23 April 2012
  6. Making cool look stupid

    Category: Matching tags: Times Of India,The Hindu TOI,competitive ads,Cool,Samsung,branding,Apple,advertising,communication

    ... through clever design and communication to make their features seem individually unique and desirable. Their army of followers have camped outside stores, waited with bated breath on blogs and rumor sites ...
    Thursday, 26 January 2012
  7. Should your advertising be memorable? Or persuasive?

    Category: Matching tags: Colgate,persuasive,memorable,branding,advertising,communication

    Dumb question? After all, who tries to create boring advertising? Well, a lot of agencies try creating memorable advertising and end up with boring. Memorable is defined as what customers can remember. ...
    Thursday, 19 January 2012
  8. A 2 minute window

    Category: Matching tags: Brand Choice,preferences,communication,advertising,benefit statement,positioning,feedback,customer insights

    That's all the mental time you spend on the soap you use every day, isn't it? You don't spend hours decoding the promises in the shopping aisle. Take any other product purchase. How long do you linger ...
    Friday, 04 November 2011
  9. Growing the rapid weight loss market

    Category: Matching tags: BJP,Nitin Gadkari,Atal Behari Vajpayee,Market growth,communication,weight loss,advertising

    ...  Just goes to show that communication works in complex ways. Market growth is determined not by need alone but by the people who popularize it. So while you can get Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan ...
    Sunday, 18 September 2011
  10. The Steve Jobs moment

    Category: Matching tags: advertising,Apple,Steve Jobs,computing,communication

    Everyone has their favourite Steve Jobs story. For us in India, it was the first time we set our eyes on products that seemed to have been invented on another planet. Even back then, they obviously catered ...
    Tuesday, 06 September 2011
  11. Does advertising corrupt?

    Category: Matching tags: luxury,corruption,advertising,media,communication,Anna Hazare

    The sentiment against corruption has reached a feverish pitch in India. The middle class has taken to the streets and is raising the banner of revolt against a government and a bureaucracy that it perceives ...
    Thursday, 25 August 2011
  12. The 'Disconnected' generation

    Category: Matching tags: communication,friends,relationships,disconnected

    ... grew up with pursue careers in a distant country. With the communication methods available at our fingertips, we can technically be in touch in an instant. But there is a tremendous resistance to nurturing ...
    Sunday, 24 July 2011
  13. Bitcoin - Money or Mirage

    Category: Matching tags: communication,Economist,banking,bitrcoin,anonymous,currency,p2p

    It's easy enough to understand money when it passes through your hands. Comfortable denominations, a feeling of solidity and remarkably efficient for transactions. The credit card changed all of that. ...
    Tuesday, 05 July 2011
  14. Speechless in Victory

    Category: Matching tags: non-verbal,speechless,victory,Novak Djokovic,Wimbledon,communication

    When Novak Djokovic crashed to the ground after defeating Nadal and became the 2011 Wimbledon Champion, he lay on his back looking up at the sky. Crossing over from competitor to victor, he savoured the ...
    Monday, 04 July 2011
  15. Blog

    Category: Matching tags: communication,advertising,blog,design,marketing,brands,branding

    Tuesday, 14 December 2010
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