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  1. Obama's Election and The Syrian Civil War

    Category: Matching tags: US Election,Romney,Obama,Social Media,communication,branding,Syria civil war

    ... napping next time. We won't see this played out in newspapers or on TV, but in shadowy technology that endlessly analyses voter sentiment, action, attitudes and affiliations. From a complex web of social ...
    Monday, 19 November 2012
  2. Facebook 'Likes' are handclaps

    Category: Matching tags: Social Media,brands,Red Bull,BP America,engagement,Facebook

    One of the measures of social media relevance is the number of 'likes' you can get on the brand page. But like using megapixels to determine the clarity of an image, it's probably the least effective ...
    Sunday, 07 October 2012
  3. Has Facebook found its Adwords model?

    Category: Matching tags: Facebook,Endorsements,AdWords,Social Media,Sponsored Stories

    ... the Facebook's model be? The tried and trusted display advertising alongside the status updates, or was there a more social alternative? To answer that question, we will need to take a small detour into ...
    Sunday, 17 July 2011
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